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Full Review of Pet Feedster USA PF-10 cat

Pet Feedster is an automatic pet feeder that makes use of innovative technology to boost healthy pets and give you peace of mind to busy pet parents. This pet feedster is made to the able to run on batteries (6-D) or on AC power. When powered alone with battery, it can last between 4 to 5 months usage intervals. Without the batteries, when the power goes out, you will lose the programming; keep your pet hungry and requiring you to re-program it all over again.

Features of Pet Feedster

  • It comes with a special chute that prevent those paws from reaching to and eating more meals than the amount allotted to them.
  • It is made up of processed flex feeder that is suitable for feeding cats.It has the capacity to dispense a complete collection of different sizes, forms, shapes of kibbles including moist kibbles apart from canned food. Kibbles ranging from 1/8 inch to ¾ inch.
  • It can dispense any number of meals a day starting from one to five meal times.
  • ​It can comfortably accommodate a collection of meal size ranging from 1 teaspoon up to 6.
  • ​It gives room for portion size control which prevents pets over feeding.
  • It has a digital timer which provides accurate meal times.
  • ​It doesn’t jam.
  • It is well proofed for cat with a special type of chute which prevents Kibble theft. It was structured to prevent the cat’s pawns from getting to the food.
  • ​It comes with power back up system which you can run on both alternating current or direct current adapter together with which ensures that you machine functions perfectly even without power source for about 6 months.
  • ​It comes with removal bowl which makes it possible for you to alternate with a stainless bowl if you have a pet that is allergic to plastic.
  • It comes with refined auger which helps it be able to dispense different pet foods of different sizes.
Pet Feedster USA PF-10 cat

Pros of Pet Feedster USA PF-10 Cat

  • The food bowl is dishwasher safe. This means it is not difficult to clean up.
  • The LCD screen has a very bright backlit then the button is pressed and this makes it easy to view more clearly.
  • ​The motor that turns around to dole out the food is not very loud. It brings the food from the chute into the feeding bowl.
  • The feeder helps you to feed your pet on time even when you are not around the house.
  • ​This pet feedster USA PF can be used both indoor and outdoor.
  • ​It is a very stable, large unit that cannot be easily tipped over.
  • Hopper is not transparent and this prevents the cat from seeing the food inside.
  • It comes with a large food bowl that could help two cats to feed concurrently comfortably. The greater number of its parts can be replaced.
  • ​You’d get very good customer support with the product.
  • It makes lesser noise during operation when compared to other forms of automatic feeders.

Cons of Pet Feedster USA PF-10 Cat

  • The feeding bowl is plastic made and would be better if it were made of stainless bowl or ceramic. It would be great for a stainless steel replacement accessory to be included as one of features of this feeder.
  • Although the sticker on the feedster says that when the power goes off the programming would be retained for short interval of time, it doesn’t always work that way.
  • ​The programming and button structure is not very much user-friendly.
  • The button labels ought to as well be much bigger and brighter to ensure that it is very easy to read. The programming however is not that hard if you follow the stipulated instruction.
  • The programming is a bit complicated, it is not easy to get the adjustment of the meals sizes but this will only happen at the beginning.
  • The lid is not air tight as a result of the structural design.
  • It is a bit pricey.
  • The instruction manual did not provide a very clear instruction on proper installation of this pet automatic feeder.


The pet feedster USA PF is a very reliable automatic feeder. It gives you peace of mind when you are not around knowing that your pets would get all their nourishment at the usually appropriate times. It can dispense 1 teaspoon of food to 6 spoons of food at any giving instance givng instance depending on the kibble sizes.

Ultimate Review of Qpets AF 200 Programmable Pet Feeder

There different forms of automatic pet feeder accessible these days. Qpets AF 200 programmable pet feeder is not only automatic, it is also programmable. The good thing about this type of pet feeder is that you can use it for any size of pet.

Being programmable, you can use for dispensing as small as 1/4 cup up to 5 cups during any of the feeding hours. It can be used to feed a pet for up to 4 times a day. It has a store capacity of 10lbs of dry pet food at any given time.

Due to the transparent nature of the food container, you can see with much ease when the food supply is running out and need to be refilled.

It comes with a built-in voice recorder and speaker which allow you to record your voice to be used at meal-time to beckon your pet. The Qpets AF 200 programmable pet feeder works well on 4-D batteries, which is roughly about 6 months of battery life.

Product Description

The AF-200 is a highly developed programmable pet feeder available in the market. It has a very large capacity and can hold food that up to 10 lb. It dispenses from one-quarter cup to 5 cups of food. It comes with a built in voice recorder and speaker that allows you to call your pet for meal times.

The battery last for up to 6 months. It is good for small and big pets. It helps to feed your pet at the schedule time whether you are home or not. Feed your pets on time whether you are not at home.

Qpets AF 200 Programmable Pet Feeder

Features of Qpets AF 200 Programmable Pet Feeder

  • It can hold up to 10 lbs or 4.5 kilo gram of food.
  • ​It can dole out dog food starting from as little as 1/4 cup or as much as 5 cups for every meal.
  • ​It can help you to serve as much as four meals every day.
  • It is made up of a built-in microphone and speaker that help you to record and customize messages to the pet the way you like.
  • It can be used to take care of any size of pet.
  • ​It is made up of detachable bowl and a top cover which is dishwasher safe for easy washing and cleaning up.
  • It functions well on 4-D batteries that have the life span of six months each. To prolong the life span of the pet feeder it is better to make use of alkaline 4-D batteries.
  • ​It contains a low battery meter.
  • It comes with the manufacturer’s limited warranty covers that lasts for 1 year the pet feeder for a year.
  • You need sales receipt to be able to get the limited manufacturer warranty.

Product Specifications

  • The dimension of the programmable pet feeder is: 15 x 9 x 17 inches.
  • ​This programmable pet feeder weighs 3.5 lbs.
  • ​The color of the petfeeder is black.
  • ​The specifications of AC adapter are standard 6 Volt to 2.1mm ID.
  • It comes in a 4 PC/s case.

Pros of Qpets AF 200 programmable pet feeder

  • This automatic and programmable pet feeder is very simple to setup and program.
  • It functions well with any size of kibble.
  • ​It is very reliable and functions at the scheduled times.
  • The voice recorder functions very well.
  • The hopper has large enough and the capacity can accommodate huge quantity of pet food at a time.
  • It comes with a durable and solid bowl which is dishwasher safe.
  • It is comfortably priced and not pricey compared to the value it delivers.

Cons of Qpets AF 200 programmable pet feeder

  • This pet feeder functions with batteries which must buy separately.
  • The chute cover from the feeder comes up very fast and with much ease.
  • The chute cap is very large and takes up large space of the bowl area.
  • It can sometimes result to incorrect food portions.
  • The back light of LCD panel doesn’t light up significantly well.
  • The attachment point between the bowl and the hopper is not very strong.
  • The feeder is light weight when the food level drops making it liable to be tripped over.


The Qpets AF 200 cat feeder functions properly with dogs. Some cats can ingenuously steal food from the hopper. If you are looking for a reliable and powerfully built electronic feeder, this electronic feeder is worth your consideration for your cat or dog pets feeding needs.

Complete Review of Ergo Auto Pet feeder

The Ergo Auto Pet Feeder comes in 3 different size options. There a large size, a medium size and a small size of this unit. Each of these different sizes of Ergo auto feeder is structured to suite the feeding needs of different sizes of pet.

As a result of this, it only functions differently with big or small sized pellets in relation to the size of the particular feeder it is being used with.

It comes with a digital timer that helps you to program the feeding time and schedule of your pet. With this feature, you can program the feeder to only dispense food during weekends. It also helps you to determine the portion size of food to be dispensed.

You can program it to dispense just about 5 or 6 kibbles inside a cup at any particular time. It is composed of a very thick cord that is hard for pets to chew. The Ergo Auto Pet Feeder is made up of a storage container , a fed bowl and a digital timer. The feeder container and its base are supplied pre set up to make the task of setting up easy.

The small size

The small sized Ergo Auto Pet Feeder is structured to take care of the feeding needs of pets that weigh less than 0.45 kilogram or 10 pounds. This feeder capacity can hold up to 5 pounds of dry pellet foods. This is perfect for feeding small kibbles of up to 3/8 diameter or 0.95 cm. It can dispense any shape of pellet food.

The medium size

The medium sized Ergo Auto Pet Feeder is great for feeding cats with weights ranging from 10 lbs to 25 lbs. It can hold up to 10lbs capacity of dry pellet food and functions with food that has pellet size of up to ¾ diameter and any shape of food.

The large size

The Ergo Auto Pet Feeder large size can hold up to 20 lbs or 9 kilogram of dry pet food. It is best for feeding pets that are above twenty five lbs. This large Ergo Auto Pet Feeder works better with foods that have pellet size of up to 7/8 inch diameter or 2.22 cm. It accommodates any shape of foods.

Ergo Auto Pet feeder

Features of Ergo Auto Pet Feeder

  • It comes with 90 days warrantee and which can be adjusted to up to 2 years.
  • It gives you chances to control the weight of your pet.
  • ​It functions with AC adapter as well as with a battery backup system.
  • It discharges food up to 8 times a day and allows you the chance to program each of the meals with its own food measurement.
  • It features daylight saving.
  • It comes with auger with extra-molded metal and self lubricating nylon that inhibits the unit from jamming when the food is being served. The nylon helps the feeder to function smoothly without blockage.

The feeder dimensions

  • Small size dimensions are 10 x 10 x 19 inches and weighs 4 kilogram
  • The medium size dimensions are 10 x 10 x 23 inches and weighs 7 pounds
  • Large size dimensions are 10 x 10 x 26 inches and weighs 8 pounds

Pros of ergo auto feeder

  • It has the capacity discharge up to 8 meals a day.
  • ​It dispenses form a few kibbles per cup to a full cup at a time.
  • ​You can adjust each meal portion size to suit your cat’s needs like for breakfast and dinner.
  • It helps to customize the feeding schedule of your cats to just weekends alone if desired.
  • It functions both with an AC adapter and battery back in case of power cut to ensure that the programming is maintained.
  • ​It comes with long thick cord that cannot be easily chewed by pets.
  • It comes with the upper lid airtight screw system.
  • The timer supports the seconds setting as well as minutes setting. The timer has an out let that gets in connect to a water fountain for an example.

Cons of ergo auto feeder

  • It takes sometimes to set up.
  • The LCD time interface is not very much user friendly.
  • ​To be able to clean the auto feeder, you have to dissemble it.
  • The screw lids can get stuck and become hard to unscrew.


The Ergo Auto Pet Feeder can be programmed to dispense a lot of meals each day. It can dispense up to 8 meal times in a single day and each of the meal time can be customized to suite the feeding time like breakfast, lunch and dinner or even in-between snacks.

Ultimate Review of Abdtech Smartfeeder Automatic Feeder

Abdtech smartfeeder automatic feeder is a smart device that makes it easy for you to feed your dog or cat. The Abdtech SmartFeeder allows you to control your pet’s feeding times and portion sizes. It works with iOS and Android devices.

It also has an offline mode feature that distributes 10 grams of food every four hours when the WiFi connection is lost. It comes with in-built camera that helps you to record all the movement of your pet. It features a detachable feeding bowl for easy cleaning.

With this feature, you don’t need to be worried about your pet getting enough food during the day when you are occupied. The Abdtech SmartFeeder can be plugged into a standard wall outlet to be able to work effectively during the cause of your day.

Features of Abdtech smartfeeder automatic feeder

  • This Abdtech food dispenser allows you to organize meal portion size and feeding schedule.
  • It enables remote feeding through the touch of a button.
  • It is delivered with a free app that lets you watch your pet whit eats through a 0.3-megapixel camera that has a view angle of 70 degrees and vision height of 19.5 inches.
  • The App is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones as well as tablets.
  • When there is a slow internet connection it allows you the chance to make use of the Offline Feeding Mode.
  • The feed hopper is made from ABS safe plastic material that are licensed by the FDA.
  • The capacity of the hopper is about 5 liters.
  • It comes with detachable feed bowl.
  • The feed tray and the hopper are detachable.

The dimensions of abdtech smartfeeder automatic feeder

  • It has 7.6 x 8.27 x 15.75 length x width x height dimension when the feed tray is opened.
  • ​The length of tray is 7 inches.
  • ​The weight of the hopper is 11 lbs.
  • The power rating is 1.8 watts.
  • The voltage rating is 80 to 260 Volts.
  • The voltage of the power Adapter is 5 Volts.

Abdtech packaging features

  • The Abdtech SmartFeeder Automatic Pet Feeder main unit.
  • ​The AC power adapter
  • User’s Manual

Pros of Abdtech smartfeeder automatic feeder

  • The smart feeder gives you the flexibility to work out and manage your pet’s feeding needs.
  • The mobile app allows you feed your pet manually and determine the portion size.
  • ​The in-built camera feature enables you to view your pet while eating. It also allows you to take video or picture of your feeding pet.
  • ​With the smart feeder, you can monitor the amount of food your pet has eaten.
  • It allows you to program a lot of meals per a day and get the meal size tailored for your pet’s needs.
  • ​It comes with a backup discharging mode in case it loses internet connection.
  • The lid allows you to open the food dispenser without clogging.
  • ​It features a sound alert that signals your pet about the right time to come for feeding.
  • The hopper comes with a lid that can easily be locked.
  • It features a non-slip button that makes the feeder to be secured in its position.

Cons of Abdtech smartfeeder automatic feeder

  • It comes with the military 24 hour time which have to get used to before you can use it effectively.
  • The meal portion sizes are measured in batches with no sign of ther amount of dispensed for every batch.
  • ​The App signal is very unstable and this affects the quality of the video; although this is being re-enhanced.
  • It takes sometimes for the App to be connected and occasionally saddled with connection issues.
  • A few cats feel uncomfortable with the “ding” sound.
  • The camera view is static and allows you to only see straight.
  • The feeder is suitable for only small capacity of food which doesn’t work perfectly with a lot of pets.

The Abdtech Automatic Pet Feeder is a comparatively new automatic and smart pet feeder introduced into the market.

It is among the few pet feeders that are compatible with smartphone or tablet apps connection feature. The system is undergoing some enhancement due to some bugs that have been detected that are affecting the connection with the app.


The Abdtech smart feeder automatic feeder system is a varied form of feeder and flexible unit that allows you to get closely connected with your pet even when you are on tour to any part of the world.

Although, this is possible but its quality is somewhat lower than other automatic and smart pet feeder that we have reviewed with similar features.

Ultimate Review of PETMAKER Large Capacity Automatic Pet Feeder

The Petmaker Large Capacity Automatic Pet Feeder is a great innovation meant to make the job of feeding your lovely pet, easy and hassle free. It comes with amazing features and technologies which includes timing, alarm, feed portioning and so on. These features do the job and keep your minds at rest.

Once you finish the set-up, you are sure that your pet’s feeding needs would be constantly met and on time.

Petmaker Large Capacity Automatic Pet Feeder is suitable for dogs and cats of every size. This Chinese-made pet feederBottom of Form

has a volume of 10.65 litres and accommodates roughly 45 cups of dry food. It has programmable food portioning sizes that range from roughly 0.25 to 2.5 cups.

Features of Petmaker Large Automatic Pet Feeder

  • It comes with a built-in clock that is made up of LCD screen that can be read easily
  • It features a built-in microphone, speaker and low battery indicator
  • The petmaker large pet feeder has a food hopper and food tray that are easily detachable for cleaning purposes
  • It can feed your pet non-stop for a period of 99 days.
  • The cover is also made Pet-proof.
  • You can record 5 minutes personal message for your pet with the use of its microphone and speaker feature. This is a great way to let your pet hear your voice when the feeding time is approaching.
  • It also comes with a unique anti- blockage feature for food hopper together with pet-proof lock on the cover which provides
  • The pack comes with user manual and Pet-proof lock on cover that inhibits accidental spillage of food.
  • It has Tamper-proof grips on hopper.
  • It comes with a transparent hopper that clearly shows the level of food.
  • It has a special form of anti-jamming feature for extra security.
PETMAKER Large Capacity Automatic Pet Feeder

What is in the pack?

  • The automatic pet feeder itself
  • It comes with manual, although the instructions could have been clearer.
  • Also, included in the pack is k was 6 Volt AC adapter.


  • The dimension of the Petmaker is 17 by 9-1/2 by 14 (L by W by H)-inch
  • It weighs 6-1/2 lbs.
  • The volume is 45 cup (10.65-Litre)

Cons of Petmaker Large Automatic Cat Feeder

  • It didn’t come with AC adapter as specified
  • The lip of the lid has a thin channel which makes the feeder difficult to lock after filling it up.
  • The first setting is a bit hard.
  • ​It may take sometimes to get the dosage, timing and day appropriately set.
  • It could gradually start to jam after a period of use, produce a ticking sound without releasing food and producing an error message.

Pros of Petmaker Large Automatic Cat Feeder 

  • This automatic feeder can be programmed to help you feed your pet from any number of days ranging from one to ninety nine days.
  • It can also help you to plan the feeding times up to four times every day.
  • ​The Smart Sensor feature prevents overloading of the feeding tray.
  • ​It blows alarm when feeding times are over.
  • ​It has a very good battery life.
  • It has a very good capacity that could feed your pet for a long time in your absence.
  • ​It has a very stylish design.
  • ​The timer is properly designed.
  • It routinely discovers when the food tray needs to be refilled and when it should be kept pending.
  • ​The feed tray is big enough to feed two cats or a dog.
  • It makes feeding pet easy and takes some stress off you.
  • ​The petmaker vibrates to ensure that the food is properly served into the undulating cup.
  • The alarm feature is intriguing.


Although, there a few design issues that need to be addressed like the occasional jamming, it doesn’t occur with all the users.

Altogether, the Petmaker large Capacity Automatic Pet feeder is a good choice if you are looking for a help to feed your pet regularly and on time without having to dish out food at every meal time. Also with the pet feeder your pet is well taken care of whether you are around the house or not.

What more can you desire with the feeder’s ability to feed your pet in your absence for around 99 days! You can fill up the machine and have a peace of mind even if you have to go for a vacation and the machine will take care of the rest.

With the microphone and speaker features that allow you to record your voice for your pet, your pet will feel your presence around even though you are not physically present.

Have used this pet feeder before? Let us hear your experience! If you haven’t, this might be the time to try it out and let us all know how it goes!

Full Review of Toppets PF-21B Automatic Pet Feeder

This is Large Remote Controlled Automatic Dry Food Portion Control Dog and Cat Pet Feeder. Toppets PF-21B comes with a wireless IR remote reception system that allows you to program the feeder initiate feeding with a remote range of 32 to 39 feet without obstructions. It records a personal message for your pet, up to 8 seconds.

Features of the Toppets Pf-21B Automatic Pet Feeder

  • It comes with lock up lid which prevents ingenious pets from opening it and getting more food unauthorized.
  • It comes with a large hopper capacity of 45 cups
  • It features an adaptable meal sizes from ¼ cup to 2 ½ cups which is 1 to 12 portions for each meal
  • It is great for kibble sizes of ¼ inch to ½ inch diameter
  • It comes with a wireless infra red remote control feature
  • It can be set-up to dole out form 1 to 5 cups of food every day
  • It comes with programmable feeding time schedules
  • It comes with an LCD screen which is easy to read
  • Good memory and inbuilt clock are also its excellent features
  • It comes with a smart sensor that prevents the feed tray from becoming over load
  • It inhibits accidental spillage
  • It comes with unique Anti-jamming feature
  • It comes with a see-through hopper that shows the level of hopper
  • It comes with tamper-proof grips on hopper
  • Voice recording feature for customized message to your pet which gets played three times.
  • Alarm sounds when feeding schedule is over
  • ​It comes with Detachable food hopper & feeding tray for easy cleaning.
  • ​Built-in clock with easy to read memory LCD Display.
  • ​It features a built-in microphone, speaker and low battery indicator.
  • It makes use of 4 D battery Power or AC Power; DC Power adaptor is included in the pack.
  • Toppets Pf-21B-Dimensions is 16.5"x9.5"x14.5" ( L x W x H).
Toppets PF-21B Automatic Pet Feeder

Pros of Toppets PF-21B Automatic Pet Feeder

  • It comes with hopper lid locking system that prevents the cats from trying to open the cover.
  • It comes with removable hopper and food dish for easy cleaning.
  • ​It features paw proof chute that makes it difficult for cats for trying to ingeniously get extra food.
  • ​It is made with customizable feeding time schedules and portion sizes.
  • It has voice recording feature for calling your pet for meal times.
  • ​It features two feeding wheels/spinners that help the feeder to be adapted to the size of the kibbles.
  • ​It functions with batteries and AC adapter either independently or together.
  • It has a very clear LCD screen which is easy to read together with memory that retains the setting.
  • ​It has a remote control feature which allows you to easily program the unit and plan feeding schedule at any given time.
  • It has a very big hopper capacity of 45 cups of dry pet foods.
  • The digital timer that comes with the feeder is very reliable.

Cons of Toppets PF-21B Automatic Pet Feeder

  • The food is being dispensed only to the left part of the feed dish.
  • The loud beeping sound that comes before the recorded sound may be terrifying to a few pets. If you found the beeping sound unbearable, you can dismantle it and disconnect the speaker.
  • ​The recording is played for 3 times which may not particularly be liked by a few pet parents.
  • ​The food that are near the dispensing area dropped and the food that are not closed to it doesn’t move which forms a kind of empty space in the middle of the hoper requiring a shake of the hopper for the food to continue to be dispensed.
  • The voice recording has a very poor quality.
  • ​It doesn’t dispense specialized portion sizes for each meal time. You need to empty the hopper anytime you want to replace the battery.
  • The screw mechanism of the feeder jams from time to time.
  • It doesn’t come with detailed programming instruction and this makes it a bit difficult to set up.
  • The minimum amount of food it can dispense, the ¼ of the cup is equivalent to 3/8 cup of cat kibble. This means too much food for a cat that is being feed for up to three times every day. To make less food dispensing possible, you can cover a section of the chute.

Complete Review Of Mota Perfect Dinner Pet Feeder

Mota Perfect Dinner Pet Feeder is an automatic Dog and Cat food Dispenser with portion control feature and feeding bowl.

Product description

The MOTA Perfect Dinner Automatic Pet Feeder is a good companion for your pet. It was recommended by Veterinarians globally as a good option for the prevention of pet diabetes, obesity, and even monotony. The automatic pet food feeder is exclusively designed to serve any amount of food you program for your dog or pet.

It was exclusively designed to prevent your pet from gaining unauthorized access into the food hopper.

The mota perfect Dinner Automatic pet feeder comes with technology that helps it make efficient use of its energy to make 3 D-size batteries have a life time of 6 months. It comes with a big LCD monitor that showcases the time, the meal times that are programmed, meal sizes and the type of meal that are served.

Complete Review Of Mota Perfect Dinner Pet Feeder

Features of Mota perfect pet feeder

  • The machine is very easy to set up. Depending on what you programmed, your dog can get trained to know the time for their meals through the use of the voice feature.
  • The automatic pet feeder's portion control feature helps you to minimize your pets risk to becoming obese, over eating and diabetes It comes with programmable feeding portion control sizes.
  • ​It made up of stylish and compact design. The MOTA Pet Feeder is suitably sized and will save you time and space.
  • ​It is exclusively designed to provide and unauthorized pet access.
  • It comes with removable feeding bowl which make cleaning job easy.
  • ​The transparent food container helps you to instantly view food levels.
  • ​It comes with a hopper top cover to make it easy for you to easily refill feeder.
  • ​It also features a large LCD and microphone that makes the programming and set up easy.
  • It makes use of 3 D size batteries that last for up to 6 months for low maintenance.
  • It comes with the option to either make use of AC adapter plug or battery. However, these two are not included in the pack and must be purchased separately.

Pros of Meta Perfect Dinner Pet Feeder

  • It comes with a very secure lid to ensure food safety.
  • The programming is easy to do.
  • ​The feed container and the feeding bow are securely held together and thus this limits the possibility of tip off.
  • It can be programmed to dole out 6 meals every day.
  • ​It has a large hopper capacity of 7 lbs.
  • ​The LCD display is very large.
  • It makes customizable portion sizes possible.
  • ​The feeding bow is easily detachable and this makes cleaning easy.
  • The feeder is very strong and well built.
  • The feeding bowl is large enough to allow two cats feed concurrently.
  • You can check through the portion counter whether your cat was fed or not.

Cons of Meta Perfect Dinner Pet Feeder

  • It does not come with either batteries or AC Adapter.
  • Minimum portion of one third cup of food portion may be excess for small kibble except you feed your cat once every day.
  • ​The manual does not come with proper and detailed instructions.
  • ​It makes large beeping noise during programming and this noise cannot be stopped.
  • A few clever cats can find their way and be able to get additional kibble from the chute.
  • ​The LCD display tends to fade but this depends on your angle of viewing.
  • It doesn’t have option for manual feeding through the push of a button.


This pet feeder can be programmed to dispense food portions that vary from one-third of a cup to six cups. It comes with a voice call feature allows you the chance to record your voice for the cat to be used to call it for meal time whether you are around or not.

It helps you to boost your pet’s health through the portion control feature. It comes with transparent feed container that helps you to know easily when your pet food is running out and needed to be refilled. It can contain about 7 lbs of food.

The MOTA Perfect Dinner Pet Feeder can help you feed your cat and dog till you return back home. It comes with 1 year limited warranty.

Petmate Le Bistro Programmable Food Dispenser- Full Review

Petmate Le Bistro pet feeder is very popular and can be used as a pet feeder for your cats and dogs. The le Bistro programmable feeder and food dispenser has two versions; the old version and the new version. The new version is entirely powered with battery without any additional backup system.

Product description

Petmate Le Bistro pet feeder is a programmable automatic pet feeder which can be used to dispense controlled portions of food to your pet for a maximum of three times a day. It can deliver portion sizes of food ranging from ¼ to 3 cups per serving. Thus, you can set the amount of food you want your pet to eat each day.

The daily amount of food portion is kept in a tough plastic bottom waiting for the scheduled meal time. The feeding bowl is made easily removable to make it easier to clean up.

This food dispenser can only be powered with 3 D-cell alkaline batteries which are not included in the packet. You need to purchase them yourself. The battery life is approximately 6 months. It comes with a low battery indicator that tells you when to consider replacing the battery.

The programmable food dispenser can be assembled in a minute without any tools and it measures. 10 x 14 x 15 dimension and comes with a one year limited guarantee.

Petmate Le Bistro Programmable Food Dispenser

Application and usage of petmate le Bistro food dispenser

  • Take away the cover of the food hopper and pour adequate amount of food as required. The hopper has a capacity of up to 4.2 lbs capacity.
  • You need to set the alarm clock with the use of LCD screen
  • It is made up of three buttons which passes through the process which helps you to set and schedule feeding time for your pet
  • This pet feeder as well comes with a meal counter which helps to the number of times you want your pet to eat every day.

If you want to use the feeder to feed cats in every situation, you may consider the following tips.

  • You must be feeding more than one cat at a time.
  • The feeder will also work for you if your cats are not the smart type that would try to figure out how to cleverly eat more food.
  • It is also very suitable for cats that are very active both indoors and outdoors
  • It is also good for feeding cats if your pet feed is made up large sized pellets of about half inch.
  • The feeder is not great for feeding a cat that has a very definite feeding schedule, if you want to keep your cat fitter by limiting the amount of foods it takes every day.

Pros of petmate Le Bistro programmable food dispenser

  • This programmable food dispenser can be set up without hassles if you follow instructions.
  • It comes with in-build paddle wheel which rotates to discharge the food. The food portions are kept section by section, and are made up of soft flexible material to stop it from jamming during dispensing time.
  • With this programmable food dispenser, you are relieved of having to measure out and pour out for your pet every day.

Cons of petmate Le Bistro Programmable food dispenser

  • Some cats can discover how to eat additional food through their paws.
  • The minimum portion of food it can dispense is one quarter cup and this is unsuitable if you want to feed a cat under diet especially if you want to feed the cat for more than twice every day.
  • ​The new version of this programmable food dispenser works only on battery.
  • It doesn’t have any power back up system.
  • A few buyers of the food dispenser observed that the food dispenser doesn’t dispense accurate portion of food set and at the exact time scheduled for the feeding.


The petmate Le bistro pet feeder is a great programmable and automatic pet feeder. However, it is not a good feeder for cats because cats can steal food from the food hopper through their paws.

If you need to give your cat a very exact quantity of food every day, you may wish to try other options as this programmable feed dispenser makes it difficult to maintain similar amount of food each day for your cat on specific food.

This pet feeder is a more suitable feeding option for dogs although it can serve the needs of cats perfectly in some circumstances.

Complete Review of Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Dry Food Dispenser

The Cat Mate C3000 feeder is structured to make sure your Pet gets proper nutrition and the recommend food allowance to minimize health risks and overfeeding cost. This automatic dry food dispenser comes with an LCD control that is not difficult to use.

Cat mate C3000 automatic dry food dispenser has many fantastic features and varied mode setting. The cat Mate automatic feeder permits you to feed your cat 3 times a day and also feed the cat manually to any number of times you want depending on your cat’s need.

You can as well; use the automatic feeder to serve food manually to diabetic cat or a cat has specific dietary needs. With this cat feed dispenser you can program up to 3 individually sized meals with a space of 24 hours.

It comes with a dispensing portion sizes of two table spoon or 10 gram and above. It makes it possible for the different meal time to be delivered with a minimum of about 10 gram meal or 1/3 oz at every single time.

It is structured to be used for cat feed of minimum pellet size of one quarter diameter up to 6/8 size of pellet. It comes with a dry food capacity of 6.5 lbs or 3Kg.

Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Dry Food Dispenser

Features of this automatic dry food dispenser

  • It has the capacity to feed up to 3 meals a day
  • It dispenses small size pellets of food as little as 2 teaspoons full.
  • It comes with optional mode settings
  • The LCD control feature makes the programming easier
  • It comes with a snap lock clove which prevents small pets from stealing food from the pellet
  • The food hopper has the capacity to hold up to 6.5 pounds of food.
  • It contains dishwasher safe components
  • Has feature that helps to be attached to a wooden board for additional security when needed
  • It comes with low battery light indication which displays the on the LCD screen to alert you when the battery life is bad and the battery is due for replacement.
  • It features an instantly locking lid made pet-proof
  • The dry food dispenser is easy to clean and made up of components that are dishwasher safe.
  • The machine is suitable for all trending forms of cat dry foods.

Pros of Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Dry Food Dispenser

  • It is cost effective.
  • The setting of the dry food dispenser doesn’t go when it is turned off.
  • ​It comes with two forms of feeding mode.
  • ​The standard feeding mode of three times a day and the frequent mode which is structured to suit the need of diabetic cats.
  • When you change your battery and replaced within 60 seconds, you’d not need to reprogram it again.
  • ​It makes it possible for you to customize the feeding schedule of your cat.
  • ​With cat mate C3000 automatic dry food dispenser, you can feed your cat 3 times a day automatically and any additional number of times manually.
  • It comes with component parts that are dishwasher safe. This makes cleaning easy.

Cons of Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Dry Food Dispenser

  • Your Cat can be able to get additional food from the chute if you are making use of minute size pellet of one-quarter diameter.
  • When you make use of the small pellet sized food, it gives inaccurate dispensing.
  • ​The chute is not attached to the dry food dispenser but assembled together with it.
  • The programming is a bit difficult to figure out.
  • It only works with batteries.
  • You need to buy the battery yourself. It doesn’t come with the four C Batteries.
  • It makes noise while in operation.

Programming and usage

When you have finished setting the clock, you need to wait for 60 seconds before you programme your cat’s feeding schedule.


The Cat Mate C3000 is an excellent automatic feeder if your cat is not the locked up type which means you’d be required to prevent the cat from getting to the cover of the hopper and chute.

This is a good dry food dispenser

  • If the size of food you feed to your cat is 0.5 diameter pellet size.
  • If you feed your cat up to 3 times a day
  • If you need to feed your cat at constant interval every day of the week
  • If you are patient enough to get the programming properly.

Complete Review of Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder

Lusmo automatic pet feeder features an ON-off power switch for controlling it and preventing it from over operating. It is a Japan made feeder but is currently available for the US market. It is a well designed feeder that allows you to program your pet’s meal for a day. It only allows you to schedule 3 meal times daily.

It has a protective mechanism that prevents mischievous cats from vying for more food portions. The automatic feeder only functions on alkaline battery and doesn’t function with rechargeable batteries. The LCD displays a low battery indication when the battery life is about to go and needs replacements.

Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder

Features of Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder

  • It comes in a very attractive and colorful design that suits any modern home use.
  • The portioning sizes ranges from 0.5 oz to 240 cc and allows you the chance to make 1/16 increase in cup size.
  • The feader can be programed to to dispense 3 square means or less a day and just program your pet’s daily meals
  • The capacity of the Hopper is approximatly 2.2 lbs
  • It has an LCD screen that last for a 24 hour time period.
  • All its interior parts that harbours your pets food can be taken out and washed by hands
  • It dispenses food with stability and with a deviation standard of 1.65 g
  • It features a protective guard accessory that protects your pet from stealling extra food from the feeder
  • The charming ear shapped grip helps to easily carry the feeder when it is pushed back
  • It comes with a dimension of L 14.2 X W8.9 XH 13.4
  • The automatic feeder weighs 3.3 lbs
  • The product material: it is made from ABS resin material
  • The material for the tank cover is made of PC resin
  • The bowl materia is made of Polypropylene resin
  • It features a 4 D sized alkaline batteres and comes with 1 Year Manufacturer’s guarantee

Mode of operation

The dispensing system of Lusmo automatic pet feeder is made up of a rotating hard piece of plastic on the base of the hopper wwhich helps to dispense the food from the feed container into the feed tray. The hopper and the bowl can be detached . The hopper detachability is similar to that of cassette.

The automatic pet feeder unit is made to schedule three meals a day and cannot do more than that. However you can program the meal times differently according to the needs of your pet. You can also make use of the preset option if you like.

You can also make use of a manual; feeding mode if you prefer. The feeder is great for feeding small to medium sized cat and dog. It is produced in thailand and is only meant for use indoors. It is meant only for dry foods and you must not use canned foods, liquid or semi-liquid food and treats.

It is must not be used in a most environment and only tolerates food that are below 0.6 inches in size. Using foods of longer size block its proper operation.

Pros of Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder

  • It has a big and lucid LCD panel situated above the feeder to make easy to be seen.
  • The feeder allows you to plan the meals size according to your pets needs.
  • ​It is stylishly made and has a sweet, lovely and colorful design.
  • ​It allows you the chance to customize the meal portions individually. You can make use of it to customize both large food portion and small food portion.
  • It comes with an off and on switch which let you operate the feeder and carry out the program setting.
  • ​The lid has a special form of easy to lock system that ensures the feeds are locked in properly.
  • The stylish and sweet earshaped carrier makes it easy for the automatic feeder to be moved about.
  • ​It has sizable hoppers capacity that can house a cat’s feed that would last for about 10 days.
  • It contains a shielding on the chute that protects your pet from putting their mounts inside the feeder to steal more food.

Cons of the Lusmo automatic Pet Feeder

  • It can only be used to program 3 meals every day and not more than that.
  • You need to do some bending to the battery prong for it to function effectively.
  • ​The batter lifetime can be improved; it is not great. It dies within less than 6 months.
  • It sometimes makes noise if your pet tries to steal food by thrusting on the shielding guard on the chute.
  • ​It can’t be programmed to feed your pet for more than 3 times a day.
  • It doesn’t make use of any backup power system apart from the battery.

Lusmo Automatic pet feeder is a great feeder for your pet. It is made of modern design and is stylishly made. It helps you to portion your pets feed for 3 times a day but can be programmed for more meal times a day. It is not a great idea if you are looking for automatic feeder for more than one day food portioning.

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